Raising Readers…One Bedtime Read at a Time

My two kids and I read a book together almost every night. I’ve learned a lot through these bedtime experiences, and so have my kids. As a result, I wanted to share the things I’ve learned about my kids and some of the wonderful books we’ve read with others in the hope that you can find some benefit in it all, so I started this blog. You can read about my adventures raising my readers and you can find some reviews of our bedtime reads.

About me: I am a 40-something wife, mom of two, and book lover who is trying her best to raise children who will enjoy reading long after I’m gone. During the day, I am also a Literacy Coach at an elementary school, which strengthens my drive (or adds to my stress) to have my own children be book lovers. Please feel free to peruse, enjoy, laugh at my downfalls, and get some great book ideas for you and your child!

You can find me on Twitter: @DMetzke