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Book/Journal Must-have

Thanks to an email I got from Brightly, which is a great website for anyone who is #raisingreaders, I looked into and then ordered two copies of a diary/journal for my two loves. Now journaling is personally not something I’m really into, but this one is rather unique and something we can do together.


I started it with each of them last night and they were both super excited about it. In fact, instead of reading a book until she fell asleep, my daughter looked through the pages of the journal until she fell asleep and then took it to school today to look at it some more. Here’s some examples of the pages they completed and some that we haven’t done yet.

Some pages have concrete ideas like these my son did…
And other pages require some creative thinking.

So, if you’re one of those parents like me that wants to keep all the memories possible from your child’s childhood, but isn’t quite as organized to do it the way you want, or if you just want to give your child a space to do some creative thinking, this would be a great resource to do either. It is definitely a keepsake that appears like it will hold up for years to come (it has a hardcover) and will be great to look at when they’re older.

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