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A Little Reminder…


I saw this on Twitter today (thanks @bookpandemic) and felt the need to share. I’ve always loved to read, but only in the last couple years have I tried to make it a conscious daily task to do some sort of reading, and I’ll admit, it does make me happy.

It also makes my kids happy. Instead of ending our evenings with my last barking order, “Get Your Pajamas ON!”, “Brush your teeth”, “Put your shoes away” or today’s “Yes, yes, your lotion mustache is adorable, now rub it in and go to your room.”, we end our evenings with a book. I get to leave their bedroom with their giggles over the latest funny scenes from Elephant and Piggie or with their wondering what’s going to happen in the next chapter of the Whatever After book we’re currently reading. It’s a lovely way for all of us to de-stress and end the evening on a positive note.

So…for daily happiness, read books (to your kids).

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