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Bedtime Book Recommendation– A Month of Bedtime Stories

Through the glorious website Bookbub, I get daily emails about deals on ebooks. And these are not just regular deals, but $5.99 or less deals. You can choose the categories/genres of books you would like to read, as well as your ebook provider, Amazon, Kindle, etc. One recent find of mine is our current bedtime read, A Month of Bedtime Stories, authored by Neil Roy McFarlane.


This is an adorable book that, as the title suggests, is made for reading to your child at night. The interesting thing about this book is the point-of-view, because the author is talking directly to you (your children). We’ve read 3 stories so far, and each time I as the reader explain what adventures my children had during the day, which usually include a trip into the forest and some wacky talking animals.

For example, there’s one story that involves your child looking for potatoes, but ending up in a flying saucer with an alien. There’s usually some sort of potion or something that makes your child “forget” everything that just happened, which explains why you’re retelling them about their adventure that evening.

Here’s some reasons why I’m recommending this book:

1. The different point of view is a welcome change and changes the dynamic of our time together, they get to be the main character of the story, not someone else.

2. The stories are short. I’m reading them on my Nook, but they don’t appear to be more than 7-8 pages each, which is perfect timing to wind down at night.

3.  Also, the book has no illustrations, so the fact that the stories are short works out well for my 5 year old, who is a visual reader and learner. I feel like if they were any longer, I would lose him.

4. The stories are funny. So far we’ve encountered a cow sleeping in a tree, a bee in a submarine and an alien who looks a lot like a dog, and I’m only 3 stories in! Both kids find the stories giggle-worthy.

5. The stories seem to have a pattern. There’s always a part about going into the forest in the beginning, and each story ends with three cheers for your child and “hip hip…”. This is a great clue for my son to know that the story has come to an end.

The only caveat I’ve had with the book so far is that the author is from the UK, so in one story he talked about pounds instead of dollars, so I had to explain to my children what pounds were. Otherwise, we’ve had a great time with our bedtime reads, and I can’t wait to read the next 27 stories!

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