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Do they have to keep growing?

My son, who is in the first grade, got his first book order books this year. He picked out and got a Lego Ninjago book and a book from the Mobi Shanobi series. So, the day after he got his books, I had this conversation with him about the books:

Me (pointing): “Hey, we gotta read that Mobi Shanobi book”

Son: “I already read it.”

Me: “Really? When?”

Son: “Yeah, me and my sister read it earlier today”

Me: “Without me? Well, that’s not nice.”

Son: “Moooomm, we’re getting older. I’m in first grade and I’m learning to read. My sister is in 3rd grade and she already can read. Sometimes we don’t wait for you. We can read Spongebob tonight. *smirks because he knows I don’t like Spongebob*”

Me: “I guess this is true…” *walks out of the room quickly, so he cannot see my sad face*

Is he right? I am not ok with this. Why? Why do they have to get older? When my kids get new books, whether from the bookstore, book order, book fair or otherwise, 90% of the time I have been the first one to read the book with them. As my daughter grew into chapter books that she could read herself, I was sorta ok with it because I still had my son to enjoy new books with. But now him too?

Either I have to start learning how to let go a little sooner than I thought or maybe I just haven’t been thinking this #RaisingReaders thing all the way through. šŸ˜‰

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You are exceeding your goal of raising children who love to read. #blessing. Keep up the good work šŸ¤“ Reading with your children takes on new meaning as they grow older. For my oldesr daughter and I, when she was 13, it became a mother-daughter book club followed by a lunch date to discuss the books (she is now 18). My current 13 year old is a reluctant reader but she loves to act things out, so our reading time together becomes quite entertaining. She and I hold awesome summer book clubs with her friends because she likes the social aspect. Things change, but we still get to read together in new ways.


Thanks! I love the idea of book clubs! I was just thinking that I want to start reading my own copy of the books my daughter wants to read, so its nice to see that my thoughts are similar to what others have done as their kids get older. Love it!

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