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Home Alone–The Book is Just Like the Movie!

This year we’ve started introducing our children, ages 6 and 8, to some classic Christmas movies, like Elf and Bad Santa. Just kidding, no Bad Santa, we’re not that crazy.  However, one other holiday movie that we watched last week was Home Alone. Did you know there’s a book version of the movie?


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “The movie is never as good as the book!”, and I usually agree. In fact, I even have pajamas that say it. However, this is actually an exception to the rule, particularly because the movie was first, so the book is based off of it.  My kids read the book with their father before they saw the movie (which we’ve done at least once before). They giggled at the book and were enthralled with Kevin’s ice cream breakfast sundae, and that set them up for excitement for watching the movie at the end of the week.


While watching the movie, every so often they would exclaim–“That was in the book!” or “I remember that from the book!” And later that evening my son was paging back through the book making comparisons.

Now, do I think they would’ve loved the movie even if they hadn’t read the book? Yes.

But did reading the book beforehand make the movie a little more entertaining? Of course. It’s an easy read with great illustrations, a perfect bedtime read.

So whether you are like us and your kids are Home Alone novices or if they’ve already gotten to know Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, I would recommend adding this book to your kids’ holiday reads.




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