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Happy New Year! (And Welcome!)

Happy New Year!

I’m excited for my blog and for 2018, and since I have gained quite a few new followers recently, I wanted to reintroduce myself and my blog.

My name is Deana and my blog is a little over a year old. (!!) I really really really want children to enjoy and love reading, due to a combination of my own love for reading, my job as a Literacy Coach, my own children, and Steven Layne’s Igniting a Passion for Reading.

So the purpose of my blog is to give inspiration and hopefully some practical ideas to those people who may be raising children who are readers, through my experiences with my own children, most of which are at bedtime, as well as sharing and reviewing books that I think you and your child may like.

In addition to providing content you can use, my goals are to be consistent with my blogging, as well as possibly doing some giveaways this year. I hope you enjoy!


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