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Harry Potter Sent Her to Sleep…Almost

For almost 8 years now, I have read a book to at least one of my children before bed. Not every night, but most nights. And I’ve always wanted to have one of those special peaceful moments where I had to stop reading because my child had fallen asleep.  You know, where you have gently close the book and then tip-toe out of the room so you don’t wake them up. But in 8 years, I have yet to have one of those moments. But last night…I came close.

I consider myself to be a voracious reader, especially of #kidlit, but I have yet to read any of the Harry Potter series. I know, I know, shocking. It’s really just not in my genre of choice, wizards aren’t my favorite, plus its really long…my excuses are endless. However, thanks to some persistent 3rd graders, their teacher, and more importantly, the picture book version, I have started reading Harry Potter with my daughter.

If this version didn’t exist…

When we started, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting her to stick with it. However, the more I think about it, the more I shouldn’t have been surprised, considering the fact that she has been enjoying the How To Train Your Dragon series. But we’ve been reading a chapter a night, and just yesterday she said, “Are you enjoying Harry Potter? ‘Cause I am enjoying it.” (Yes, yes I think I am, but not ready to say the words out loud just yet.)

So last night we got all settled in and ready to read. My 8 year old actually got under the covers and laid down, which should’ve been my first sign–usually she’s sitting next to me, even if its a chapter book with no pictures. Now we’re still pretty early in the book, Harry hasn’t even arrived at Hogwarts yet, but she keeps asking questions and making sure she’s getting it. Then she got quiet…and I looked over and the eyelids were a little heavy, but I could still see her eyes. I read a little further, and she asked another question, which kinda made her more alert. She never closed her eyes again, but she was clearly tired when I stopped for the evening and fell asleep soon after I left. Who knew that Harry Potter would be the one to send her to dreamland?!

So whatever your #RaisingReaders goal may be, if its just sending your child off to sleep with dreams of whatever you finished reading or getting your child out of their comfort zone, keep at it. You never know which character is going to be the one that will make your #RaisingReaders dream come true!

*Side note: I totally recommend the picture book version of Harry Potter if you are at all hesitant about it. The pictures help me to visualize things I think I would struggle with otherwise.


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