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Trying to Keep it Fair…Even with Bedtime Reading

I try hard, probably too hard, to give my children equal experiences. I know and understand that they have different needs and interests, but generally speaking, I try to make things as similar as possible, right or wrong. So, I recently I got to thinking about our bedtime reading practices.

Now, I’ve written at length about my children and I and our bedtime reads, including my daughter and I’s time with the Whatever After series.  After some reflection, I decided that the time my daughter and I have spent together reading various chapter books has influenced her desires to read, as well as her actual reading skills. So, in my quest for some equality, I would like to start reading a series with my son. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m reading with my daughter, my husband enjoys reading with my son, and they have started reading some chapter books, but…its just not quite the same.  I mean, (and he will admit) my expression/enthusiasm game is definitely stronger than his.

Plus, it has also been a wonderful bonding experience with my daughter to get to know these characters and stories together. I cherish that time, and I would like to have the same with my son. And what book have I decided would be the right pick?


Let me just tell you a few of the reasons why I think this was the one to go with:

*It’s a chapter book, but with lots of pictures. I wouldn’t classify it as a graphic novel, but its close. And either way, he loves analyzing illustrations, so it’ll work out.

*It’s funny and silly. I mean, these two kids actually live in a treehouse. And each floor has ridiculous things like lemonade fountains and a bowling alley, right up any kids’ alley, especially mine.

*It’s a series, that only gets sillier. Each book adds 13 more stories to it, so next up will be 26 stories. At the time of this post, I think they’re up to The 78 Story Treehouse!

*His sister has read most of the books in the series, and loves them. She’s even read parts of it out loud, so he’s somewhat familiar with it.

See? Illustrations and silliness all in one.

So far we’ve read 2 chapters, he’s into it, and so am I. I think we may have a hit on our hands!

My fingers are crossed that in my #RaisingReaders quest, this time with my son will result in creating an enjoyment for reading, especially the silly books!

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