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Words vs. Pictures

I’ve said for some time now that my son is a visual learner. Part of it is his way of taking a shortcut, and I think part of it is because pictures are just more appealing to him. Last night we were having a conversation about reading until we fall asleep, and using a flashlight to help us see. I’d like to share part of that conversation as a way to show how he thinks:

Son: Mom, since I’m going to read the Derek Jeter book tonight, I won’t need the flashlight.

Me: Why?

Son: Because, I only need the flashlight to look at the pictures, and this book doesn’t have any pictures.

Me (confused/amused): Honey, you need the flashlight to see the words too.

Son (adamant): No, you really need to flashlight to see the pictures. I can see the words without the flashlight.

Me: Ok child.

See what I mean? He doesn’t even see the words and pictures as equally important. Thank goodness for books/series like Captain Underpants and Big Nate, so my fight to #raisereaders isn’t as stressful. I can’t even be mad at him. He’s my one of a kind.

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