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50 Wacky Things Animals Do–A Book Review

Like many kids, my children enjoy animals, both visiting them at zoos and aquariums, and reading about them. So when I came across this book, 50 Wacky Things Animals Do: Weird & Amazing Animal Facts, I knew my kids would love it…and I was right.

This book, written by Tricia Martineau Wagner and illustrated by Carles Ballesteros, is a collection of odd facts about a variety of animals. I purchased this book because it is a finalist for the Children’s Book Awards for 2018, so I knew it had a book that kids would like for sure.

Each page spread has a wacky fact and a wacky illustration to go along with it, and so far, each fact we’ve read has sparked conversation. For example, when my kids thought that a sloth moving 9 feet in a minute wasn’t that slow, we did a hilarious demonstration in our living room to show just how slow that was.

Each page has about this much text, nice and succinct.

The book is so good that even after I stopped reading facts for the night, my daughter took the book, snuggled with her brother, and read a couple more pages. For that cuddling reason alone, we definitely recommend this book for any animal loving child that you may have in your mix.


Look at this rare occurrence–sibling love! 



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