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Princess Pulverizer by Nancy Krulik–A Book Review

This fairy tale-ish chapter book for early readers is about a princess who isn’t always feeling her title. In fact, she’d rather have another title…knight.  However, her father the King has told her that in order to go to knight school, she had to do some good deeds, eight to be exact.  The rest of this initial book of the series follows Princess Pulverizer as she tries to find some good deeds to do, and introduces some fellow “misfits” she meets along the way.

You may be able to figure who those fellow misfits may be…

I enjoyed this quick read about a princess who doesn’t always get her way.  When I first received it, my daughter snatched it from me and started reading it right away.  Although she’s passed the early chapter book stage, she still enjoyed the illustrations in the book.

If you/your child liked–The Princess in Black series, fairy tales in general, needs to read a book about characters who don’t fit into “normal” expectations, or finds bodily gas humorous, then this would definitely be a book to pick up.

Since this is an early chapter book, there are plenty of pictures in the book to keep the text from being overwhelming, as well as to help the reader understand the story.

Note: I received an ARC of this book from the publishers a part of #bookexcursion.

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