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Doris the Bookasaurus— A Review

One of our recent bedtime reads was Doris the Bookasaurus, written by Diana Murray and illustrated by Yuyi Chen. Although I don’t think they made the connection, this book almost perfectly describes my two children’s relationship with each other and with books.

Doris, AKA my daughter, absolutely loves to read. She gets a wagon full of books from the library and gets right to reading when she gets home. She is love with all the different adventures she gets to go on through the stories. This summer, my daughter could not stop reading the Harry Potter series, taking the book with her whenever and wherever she could.

However, Doris has two brothers, AKA my son, who are itching to have their sister come and have real adventures with them.


Doris just cannot put down the book…but she does tell her pouting brothers all about the books she’s reading. Once the Bookasaurus does that enough times, you can imagine how she eventually convinces her brothers that maybe there is something worth finding in those books. Similarly, my son will read, but often times he has to be convinced to do so, much like Doris’ brothers. A couple of times my daughter has been able to use the lure of Hogwarts to convince her brother to crack open a book.

In addition to the great story with a happy ending, the bright illustrations are enticing as well and make for a great bedtime read for #RaisingReaders. So whether your young kids are avid readers or reluctant ones, they will be able to identify with one of these cute dinosaurs!

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