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If Your Young Reader Loves Black Panther (or Superheroes)…

One thing that I recently noticed is that with the success of the movie Black Panther, there have been multiple children’s books that feature children of color as their main superhero character. I don’t know if there is a direct correlation, but if nothing else, it is a perfect time to build on kids’ interest in those types of characters. Here are a couple of cute early chapter book reads (that are also series!) that I have come across recently that your superhero loving child might enjoy.


The first series that I noticed was Mia Mayhem by Kara West. This is a cute series about a girl who just found out that she’s got super powers and is currently learning lessons in a superhero training school. Mia is very much a regular girl with non-superhero friends and interests like soccer, so I found her to be very relatable for kids. This new series only has 4 books so far, but they are perfect for that reader who is transitioning to chapter books, but still likes/needs the support of illustrations.





Whereas Mia’s superhero abilities are genetic, Meg, the main character in the Mighty Meg series, got her superhero abilities thanks to a birthday gift from her aunt. Whenever 20190820_164458273649592625816233.jpgshe puts on this ring that her aunt purchased on a small island, Meg feels a jolt and suddenly has abilities she did not have before, including things like invisibility and super speed. This illustrated series written by Sammy Griffin, also only has 4 books in it so far, so it may seem more manageable when your child is just starting it.








Honorable mentions: These two books I have mentioned before on this blog and have main characters with super human abilities. You can read my thoughts on the Freddie Ramos series here and read about how the Alston brothers saved the day just like superheroes here.


Now is a great time to capitalize on your reader’s enjoyment of Black Panther, or any other superhero for that matter, with a new book/series. Keep #RaisingReaders!

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