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Raising Readers by Whatever Means Possible…even the WWE

I’m not a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). I watched it a little when I was in college, so I know many wrestlers from the late 90s early 2000s, but its definitely not my thing. However, I did end up marrying a WWE fan, so I guess he’s to blame for why this tale is going to go the way it does.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know that my efforts to get my son reading have been many and taken on many forms (i.e. graphic novels, listening, and patience to name a few). One of the things that I believe is important for helping any kid enjoy reading is to connect reading to things that they already enjoy. Well, these days, much to my side-eye, that thing my son enjoys is the WWE. Somehow, my child has become obsessed, talking constantly about wrestlers, their theme songs, and their finishing moves. Interestingly though, I think what may have sparked this can be partly blamed on a book!

My mother gave this book to my husband one Christmas, and my son recently discovered it. This book, 30 Years of Wrestlemania, full of photos and history, combined with watching some WWE shows has equaled a wrestling filled quarantine in my house. As tired as I am of hearing about the last 30 years of Wrestlemania, moments like this are making my heart swell…

So much so that for his upcoming birthday, he’ll be getting two more WWE related books that I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to get. As much as WWE is not my thing, if this is what it currently takes to get his face away from a screen and into a book…I’m all for it. There are books that are connected to just about everything these days, so in your #raisingreaders quest, finding a book connected to their interest may be the way to go!

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