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Whew, July is Rough!

For the last couple of years, probably since my son has been in school, July has been a rough month when it comes to #RaisingReaders.  Is it just me?


June is good. We are still in our routines from the school year, they usually come home with a couple of books from school they are excited about reading because they get to keep them. The public library starts its summer reading program with a bang (this year they had a awesome performer who swallowed a sword) and we go there pretty regularly and get new books, both written and audio. Although some of it may be extrinsic, they are motivated readers at the beginning of summer.

August is also good. School starts midway through the month, so we start getting back into school routines before then. They are excited to go back and they want to be prepared (and sometimes I guilt them into being prepared), so they pick up books more often. That book that they brought home from school in June, they grab that off the shelf again and decide to finish it.

But man, July, not so good. Part of it is the routine piece, with camps/vacations and just staying up late in general, there are nights we don’t have a #bedtimeread.  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, they’ve found other activities to do, games, tables/game consoles, so the suggestion of a book instead can produce a tantrum. Also, they don’t want to be reminded of anything related to school, so if there’s no tantrum, suggesting a book gets a side-eye from either child. I don’t want to make reading a chore or an unpleasant experience, so I don’t push it.  Usually they fall asleep reading a book and/or listening to an audio book, but the other night my son did neither!

Now because I know August is coming and I know there is not a complete aversion to books, I’m not horribly concerned, but it is still a struggle. So, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears! Keep #RaisingReaders!

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Ever Have One of Those Parenting Days?

Ugh. We were having one of those evenings where I had to repeat myself fifty-eleven times, each time more exasperating (and louder) than the last. School has only recently started back, so we’re still adjusting to earlier bedtimes and things of that nature.

The look on my face for the last 3 hours 

After I finally got them to go to bed, I took some time to finish cleaning up and take a breath. When I went back to go turn off their lamps so I could get in my own bed, I peeked in and they were both in the corner of their beds closest to the light, each engrossed in a book. They finally brought a smile to my face, so I quietly backed away to give them more time.




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Back to School Time–Tips to Keep Reading Fun!

Around the beginning of August, my mother used to always warn us that she was going to start to get us ready for school, which chiefly meant going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, which I hated. I mean, why did we need the practice? Why did I have to waste quality evening TV time to go to bed or wake up out of my good morning sleep just to sit and stare for a good hour before I really wake up? I despised it.  Now fast forward 30 years, guess who’s doing the same thing with her own children?  Oops…

So, its about time for us to wind up those lax summer routines and get back into the routines for school. (And I’m not going to lie, waking up early is hurting me probably more than it is them.)  At any rate, as you also get back into those routines, I thought I’d share a resource that I thought had some great ideas and reminders when #RaisingReaders.

Click for 10 Tips to Make Reading Fun for Your Child.

This short article from Reader’s Digest gives some great tips that can help you make those bedtime reads enjoyable, even if your child is sulking because it’s earlier than its been for the past 2 months.  Good luck! 🙂