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Valentine’s Day Fun from

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and while I’m sure you have your child’s class list ready, along with treats in mind, I’ve been lucky enough to partner with again to share some additional activities that could become part of your child’s Valentine’s (or Valentime’s as one of my favorite characters, Junie B. would say) Day. Here’s what the website has to share:

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and this worksheet combines a love of learning with a love of games! Get more fun spelling resources¬†like this word scramble from!

We tried this word scramble in our house, and my 3rd grade daughter went right at it and caught on right away. My 1st grade son on the other hand, this was his first word scramble, and it was a struggle for him. However, once I explained the point to him and gave him the first letter of each word, he was on board too. Here’s their final results:


So, if you’re a Room Parent for your child’s class at school, a Home Schooling parent, or like me, just a parent who is looking for some different ways to celebrate the holiday, head on over to for some new ideas!

You can get the word scramble (and the answers key) right now, here:



Enjoy! #RaisingReaders

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Fun ideas from


Fall is here (although in some places of the US it doesn’t feel like it yet), and was nice enough to send me some samples of fun activities my kiddos could do to help bring in the new season! They both tried out a maze, and a word search that focused on prepositions, both on autumn themed paper. The word search was perfect for them because they could actually¬†read the words on the word search, which made it more meaningful.


I did some clicking through the website, and they are chock full of different supplemental materials that l think could be fun for kids (but keep in mind, not everything is free). Here’s what says about the word search my kids enjoyed:

Play amidst the falling leaves with this themed printable word search! This worksheet from will help your child learn to recognize prepositions. Find more fun ways to learn about prepositions here.

In the meantime, here’s the word search:

Prepositions_word search_autumn_leaves

Happy Reading!