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Teachers need to be appreciated, but…

Wait, don’t think I’m going to bash teachers. I can’t. I won’t. I’m one of them. Also, teaching is hard. It was hard when I was a student and it is difficult in completely different ways now that I don’t even have the time to explain. You should definitely show your appreciation to your child’s teachers. I’m not even suggesting monetarily, but a nice card or letter showing your appreciation is always accepted.

The reason for the “but…” is that there’s one thing I want you to remember as you continue #RaisingReaders:


Or, its also been phrased this way:


Do teachers need to be appreciated? Yes, definitely. And not just during this week, but all school year long. But just as a reminder, you are also your child’s teacher, arguably their most important one. Keep teaching!

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Write a note–in a book

Recently, my 5 year old son was in a high school play. His part was not huge by any means, he literally ran on stage near the very end of the play and had no lines. But it was a pretty big deal to him, and even made me teary-eyed when he did it. The cast and crew, which included his principal (he was a photographer) and his principal’s daughter, were all super nice to my cute little boy.  So nice in fact that they gave him all kinds of gifts when the three days of performances were over. One particular gift that tugged at my heartstrings was (of course!) a book that his principal gave him, Dragons Love Tacos.

The book is wonderful and he was super excited to read it. However, when my husband sat down to read it to him that night, he noticed this:

How cool is this!


After wiping my sweating eyeballs, I started thinking a couple of things:

  1. This is awesome! Now we will always keep this book, because it has this personalized note inside. It will help bring back the memory of his play experience for years to come. I’m already imagining him opening the book up again when he’s 20. Love it!
  2. Why don’t more people write notes in books? Why don’t I write notes in books? I give books as gifts often, but I never think to write in the book. I’ve been missing out on meaningful opportunities!

When I started writing this post, I Googled “notes in books as gifts” and there’s tons of websites on this topic, how to do it, should you do it, and tons of examples of good notes written in books. Now I really have no excuse. Next time you give a book as a gift, even if it’s to your own children, but it is a book you want them to keep, consider writing a memorable note along with it.