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Books, Books & More Books…

I took this quote from my Twitter friend and author, @Jarrett_Lerner, and it resonated with me. Whether the books are from a Little Free Library, your local bookstore, garage sales, Goodwill, or hand-me-downs from your own childhood it doesn’t matter. Having books for your child at their disposal gives them another option when they’re “bored”, an opportunity to practice their own reading, a chance to revisit characters and stories that they loved.

Keep #RaisingReaders!

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Why I Write this Blog…

I don’t know about you, but I tend to think a lot (probably too much) about how my children will talk about their childhood when they’re adults. I hope that they talk fondly about the memories that we make as a family, and part of that hopefully includes our time reading together. When a friend of mine sent me this quote (not written by me), that’s what came to mind.


Although I share book reviews and my thoughts and strategies on raising readers because I want as many children as possible to become capable readers who actually enjoy reading, I also want those same children to have wonderful memories of becoming readers when they become adults.

So keep #RaisingReaders and keep snuggling!

Parenting Raising kids Raising Readers

When #RaisingReaders Gets Frustrating…

There are times when you may be frustrated with your child’s reading choices. They may choose to read the same easy book over and over, or picked some giant tome that you know they aren’t ready for. You may not feel that the graphic novel or comic book they’re engrossed in is “real” reading. *Side note: it is* Trust me, I’ve been in each of these scenarios and they can be frustrating. However, this quote by Maya Angelou pretty much sums it all up. In order to prevent adding to the number of aliterate adults in the world, we’ve got to let go of some of our hang ups, especially if it keeps them reading.



Thanks to Brightly for posting the motivational quote.

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Just a #RaisingReaders reminder…


*Thanks to @futureleadersrw for posting this on Twitter. I know this is a major reason why I read with my children, how about you?

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A quote to remember…


So when great-grandma and grandpa are visiting, or even wacky uncle so-and-so, give them the chance to assist you in your job #RaisingReaders!

Thanks to @futureleadersrw on Twitter for tweeting this quote.