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Twitter Perks for #RaisingReaders!

I have only been a part of Twitter for a little over a year, because Lord knows I didn’t need another social media thing to be attached to, but I have completely reaped the #RaisingReader benefits of it.

There are tons of #kidlit authors, book agents, book bloggers, and publishers who are all on Twitter. And what do they tweet? Book debuts and giveaways.

For a book addict like me, it is a Catch-22. Now that I follow the right people, like @mrschureads and @readbrightly, I get to hear about all the latest children’s books right when they debut or even well before. That is awesome and I love it, but the issue is that my husband and my bank account may not agree.

Beyond the debuts are the giveaways, which are super awesome! My kids and I have won at least 4 books from different authors or publishers. The two pictures below are just a sample, one from Scholastic and one from Curious City.

Recently, we just won one of the coolest gifts yet. If you follow my blog, you know that my daughter and I enjoy the Whatever After series by Sarah Mlynowski. Well, she recently had a cool giveaway, which was a deck of cards with the cover of the latest book in the series on the back of each card. My daughter was so surprised to get the cards, and playing with the cards was a great way for her and her brother to spend their Saturday.


So, if you’re not already on Twitter, I would suggest you join, even if it is just to follow awesome authors like @joshfunkbooks or important organizations like @diversebooks.  Twitter is a great resource to help in our quest in #RaisingReaders. To be honest, 95% of people I follow are somehow connected to books and 95% of my Tweets are book/reading related. So, feel free to follow me @DMetzke. 🙂

Happy Reading!

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I feel the same way. I’ve been wanting to write about my Twitter life since the school year started. I have learned about so many more authors and great books. Have won some books and made new friends. I owe it to a colleague who got me back into Twitter. I’ve been enjoying it a great deal. Thanks for sharing your experience. How cool is it that your daughter got those awesome playing cards :o)

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