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And the HP Obsession Continues…

Here’s an update…

My daughter and I recently finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and you can read about our experience here. Now since fantasy isn’t really my genre of choice, I was super excited to be able to say, “We’ve read Harry Potter!” However, my child’s response was, “No mom, we’ve only read the first book!” Ugh!

So this past Saturday at Target…


She read it in the store, in the car on the way home, some more when we got home…and so it continues…

I’m not suggesting that you read Harry Potter with your child, but I’m letting you know, that if you start…you may not be allowed to stop. It could be a way to get your child into reading. Just a thought.



2 replies on “And the HP Obsession Continues…”

[…] Just last week, we finally finished Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky by Kwame Mbalia. The first book in this fantasy series was one that definitely lived up to its hype, about a young boy who accidentally ends up in a new world, where he meets characters and Gods from African American and African folktales. This book has lots of action and drama, and oh, I cannot forget Gumbaby, a character who nearly had my kids in tears from their laughter. Although the fantasy genre is not my jam, its my daughter’s favorite, so that’s part of the reason I chose it to read it to them. You can read more about how she started liking fantasy books here. […]


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